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Cotopaxi National Park


This protected area has many marvelous landscapes for you to discover. The beauty and perfection of Cotopaxi volcano allows us to connect directly with our Mother Earth

Interesting points:

Mariscal Sucre Museum: There you can discover a Little more of the eruption processes of Cotopaxi Volcano and find short hikes to help you acclimatize to climb the glacier successfully.

Laguna de Limpiopungo


This is the other point of interest in which you can observe more than 15 species of local and migratory birds while walking around the lake

Cave of the Owls -Cueva de los Buhos: 20 minutes by vehicle from the Limpiopungo Lake you can visit a cave which is the home of 2 species of owls. One of them is the CUSCUNGO (Bubo Virginianus- Great Horned Owl). We took the name and the motivation to create the name of our hostel, this species is considered to be the largest owl on the American continent.


Jose Rivas Refuge: Later on the walk on the cone of the Cotopaxi Volcano, approximately 40 minutes you will arrive at the refuge at 4820msnm. There you can take many photos and if you are lucky you could come in contact with the glacier


Incan Ruins: If you appreciate discovering the history of the places you visit, you can visit the PUCARA Ruins. This place was very significant during the period of Incan rule, now there are various ruins in this pre-Hispanic village


Los Manantiales Springs : A silent site with incomparable beauty in the middle of the Andean paramos (agricultural ruins). There you can see fresh mineral water emerging right directly from the earth. Frequently at this small lake lives a family of Andean Teal, you can observe how the adults teach their young how to swim. If you visit the Incan ruins of Pucara this place is very close.


Ecological Reserve Illinizas


The great beauty of the North and South peaks of Illinizas can be appreciated from our hostel, but if you want you may visit closer to the beauty of this protected area

Interesting points:

Making of brooms in the town of Pastocalle

This small town in the mountains is an important place if you want to go to Illinizas from the south entrance. The main economic activity of this community is agriculture, but another important part is the manufacture of brooms from artisanal wood to sell at the national level. Here you can discover the form of manufacturing these brooms and if you want you can purchase one, they work very well as a walking stick!

The waterfalls and hot springs of Cunuyacu


At the foot of Illinizas South crossing by a beautiful forest of Polylepis trees, later on the hike after 30 minutes you arrive at an impressive waterfall and hot springs where you can take a relaxing bath and exfoliate your face and skin with sulfur and minerals that emerge from the center of the mountain

Saquisili Market

On Thursdays at the Saquisili market you can see colours and people from the whole country who come to sell their products: there you can find traditional food, indigenous vendors of Otovalo, and very early in the morning you can see the live animal market with llamas, sheep’s, guinea pigs, chickens, cerdos.

Horseback riding

We import a lot of support for the development of the people who live close to Cuscungo Cotopaxi H&L, the region is agricultural and has many livestock and for this we plan activities like horseback riding with the local people, you can go horseback riding for the amount of time you want. Between 1 and 4 hours, in this time you can discover small villages and go up to miradors where the view on a clear day is incomparable. Ask for more information and prices in the contact and reservation section.

Visit the flower plantation

Only 15 minutes walking from Cuscungo you can visit the flower plantation where you will find a huge variety, all different colors, production and packaging of this important resource of the region. This economic activity generates more than 250 jobs directly and indirectly in the population of the region.