We are young entrepreneur couple who have partnered to demonstrate that we can be the best hosts of the time to show the magnificent natural and cultural discoveries of this region of the country. We prepared for more than 8 years to provide tourists both foreign and national with a professional service.

Angie & Saúl


Engineers of tourism and hospitality, our passion is nature, photography, hospitality and protecting the natural environment, this has lead us to generate a family business career path, in 2016 we made a relational investigation with birds and the practice of this sport in Cotopaxi National Park, identifying the great potential of the species of this zone, it is our responsibility to spread the richness of this area with foreign and national tourists who come to visit.

Today is the day we have decided to open CUSCUNGO COTOPAXI HOSTEL & LODGE to receive tourists who have this motivation for traveling, and also in exchange, we wish to share with you the activities, the beautiful landscapes and the culture of our country.


We created a guide of all the birds of Cotopaxi National Park

We have experience in administration and customer service from:

Bellavista Cloud Forest- Mindo-Pichincha

Huaorani Ecolodge – Napo

Llullu Llama Mountain Lodge – Quilotoa Loop

Hosteria la Cienega – Lasso

Polylepis Lodge – El Carchi

San Agustín Plaza Hotel – Latacunga

Hostería Pueblito Serrano – Ambato

 Farallón Dillon Hotel – Santa Elena

La Misión Hotel – El Coca